Storybook Endings: Real Fairytale Endings for Our Storybook Brides

Hey, Storybook friends! Welcome back to our blog! Today, we’re so excited to share Kinze and Levi’s love story! From their sweet proposal to the celebration of their love on their wedding day, here’s just a glimpse into their special journey to “I Do.”


It was October of 2021, and Kinze and Levi were taking part in a seemingly routine family photo session with Kinze’s family. In order to capture a few photos of just the two of them, the couple arranged to meet the photographer at a separate location ahead of time. To Kinze’s surprise, Levi got down on one knee in the middle of their session and proposed! It was a beautiful moment, and they eagerly shared their exciting news when they joined Kinze’s whole family shortly after. 




When Kinze was ready to explore wedding gown options, she first shopped local to her hometown; however, she was unable to find the perfect dress. After hearing her sister-in-law’s glowing review of Storybook Ending, she decided to check it out. Though she wasn’t quite sure what kind of dress she was looking for, she tried on several with the help of her incredible consultant, Christi. After trying on all of her selections, she decided to revisit one dress in particular that caught her eye earlier. Though the gown was slightly different from what she originally envisioned, it was perfect in every way. As she put it on for the second time, she was shocked by her own emotions. Not usually one to cry, Kinze was brought to tears (in the best way!) as she pictured wearing this dress to marry her best friend. The pure joy that radiated from her confirmed her decision: this was THE dress! 


On a sunny and breezy November day in 2023, Kinze finally got to wear her dream wedding gown as she married the love of her life. The weather was ideal for their beautiful ceremony and outdoor photos, and the day was filled with memories. One amusing moment during the ceremony was when Kinze accidentally presented the wrong hand for the ring, despite hints from Levi to switch hands. She was so “in the moment,” soaking up the joy of the day that she did not even notice. As they look back on the memory, they can’t help but laugh at the silly moment that makes their day even more personal and special. The sweet memories continued at the reception. Heartfelt toasts were shared, and joy abounded as they danced the night away with family and friends from near and far who came to celebrate the happy couple. 


When asked to describe her experience with Storybook Ending, Kinze shares, Everyone was very helpful! I didn’t want the process to be forever long and drug out, and it was an amazing experience. We got right in and they helped effectively and efficiently. The other consultants also helped, as well! Lovely place all around!” 


Thank you, Kinze, for allowing us to take part in your memorable journey! You were breathtaking in your gown, and we wish you and Levi many, many years of blessing, joy, and love!  



The Storybook Team


Photo Credit: Amelia Vincent