Storybook Endings: Real Fairytale Endings for Our Storybook Brides

The sun is shining (at least here in Eastern Iowa), it’s Friday, and we get to feature our stunning bride, Ashley, on today’s blog—what could be better? In a world of fairytales and love stories, sometimes the most enchanting tales are those that unfold in the simplest of moments. Such is the sweet story of Ashley and Zeb. Join us as we share their journey to their September 2023 wedding. 

Ashley and Zeb’s engagement story might not be the most extravagant, but it couldn’t have been more perfect for them. Zeb, known for his laid-back nature, decided to propose at home in July of 2022, surrounded by the life he and Ashley had built together, including their beloved dog, Dutch. According to Ashley, Zeb prefers a lifestyle of “winging it” over following strict plans. Case in point—Zeb picked up the ring and within the hour he had gone home and proposed to Ashley while she was in the middle of teasing him for still being “her boyfriend” after almost three years of dating.  To celebrate the occasion, the couple enjoyed a cozy night in, featuring a take-and-bake pizza from Aldi while soaking in the joy and simplicity of their sweet engagement. 

When it came time to find the perfect dress, Ashley embarked on her quest with a sense of hope but also apprehension. Her morning appointment at another salon left her feeling uncertain, as nothing she tried sparked that magical feeling brides long for. When leaving the first salon, she had photos of a dress that she would “think about,” but she wasn’t convinced that it was the right dress for her. After stepping foot into A Storybook Ending, she immediately knew she would find her dress. Here, amidst a diverse collection of styles, Ashley discovered a dress that she initially underestimated. This Lillian West design, which she almost didn’t try on, captured her heart the moment she saw her reflection. Earlier in the day, Ashley was having doubts that she would ever have a moment where she “just knew,” but these doubts quickly dissipated as soon as she put her dress on. Surrounded by her mom and bridesmaids, Ashley stepped onto the pedestal in her dress and instantly cried. Through tears, she said, “I feel like a bride! And I feel beautiful! I’m not picking myself or the dress apart when I look in the mirror with this one.” Just to be sure, Ashley tried on a few more dresses, but nothing could compare. Though it was not what she had initially pictured, Ashley knew the dress was undeniably perfect for their upcoming botanical garden ceremony.  

On September 9, 2023, Ashley and Zeb got married at the Quad City Botanical Center, followed by a reception at The Stern Center. Their wedding was nothing short of magical. Blessed with perfect weather, the couple celebrated their love surrounded by friends, family, and the serene beauty of nature. A memorable moment came when the bustle of her dress broke at the beginning of the reception. In a scene filled with laughter and teamwork, one of her bridesmaids and the bridesmaid’s mom—a former sewing teacher—came to the rescue, ensuring the bride could dance the night away. Despite having a backup dress for comfortable late night dancing and fun, Ashley just couldn’t bear to part with her Lillian West gown that had so perfectly encapsulated her joy and essence on this special day. 

When looking back on her experience at A Storybook Ending, Ashley shares, “I knew as soon as I walked into A Storybook Ending that I was going to find my dress that afternoon. They had such a large, diverse selection, and my consultant, Courtney, was nothing less than encouraging and helpful. I felt supported and empowered the entire time.” From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you, Ashley, for trusting us to be a part of your journey. You are a stunning bride who radiates joy, and we wish you and Zeb blessings for years to come! 

This story isn't just about a bride finding her dream dress; it's a testament to the beauty of embracing the unexpected, the importance of feeling supported and empowered throughout your wedding journey, and the magic of love that shines brightest in genuine moments of joy and connection. At A Storybook Ending Bridals, we're honored to have been a part of Ashley and Zeb’s love story, and we're reminded that sometimes the best stories are those that unfold naturally, wrapped in love, laughter, and a little bit of pizza.


The Storybook Team