Storybook Endings: Real Fairytale Endings for Our Storybook Brides

Happy first Friday of 2024! On today’s blog, we are featuring our sweet bride, Lauren, and her September 2022 wedding. Lauren’s journey to “happily ever after” involves hiking with goats, a jacuzzi, and one of the tallest free-falling waterfalls east of the Mississippi. Are you as intrigued as we are? Keep reading to find out more! 

To celebrate four years of dating, Lauren and her boyfriend, Bryce, decided to enjoy a nice getaway to Galena. To start the day, they had the unique experience of going on a hike with goats (how fun is that?!)! One goat in particular, Floyd, quickly became their pal and made for a memorable experience! At the end of the day, they enjoyed a nice dinner together before heading back to the hotel to relax. With the lights dimmed and the jacuzzi tub on, Bryce took Lauren completely by surprise with his proposal. Four years of dating had led to this very moment, and it was an easy “Yes!” for Lauren!  

(Lauren, Bryce, and their buddy, Floyd)

As the time arrived to shop for a wedding dress, Lauren was struggling to make a decision. Before coming to A Storybook Ending, she had already been dress shopping and thought she had found her dress at another store. To her dismay, she instantly experienced regret when putting the dress back on. She wasn’t satisfied with the way she felt in the dress and didn’t want to settle, so she decided to give Storybook a try based on all of the positive things she had heard about the store. Although she still wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted in a dress, she was convinced that there would be a better gown for her out there somewhere—she now just had to find it. After trying on a few dresses during her appointment with Christi, she put one on and instantly knew that it was “THE one.” Relief, confidence, and sheer joy washed over her as she realized that THIS was the dress she was waiting for. THIS was the feeling she was missing when she previously thought she had found her dress. She felt beautiful and filled with excitement at the thought of wearing this dress to marry her best friend. 

In September of 2022, Lauren and Bryce were finally married at Toccoa Falls in Georgia. The 186 foot free-falling waterfall made for the most beautiful, private location for their special micro-wedding as they were surrounded by only a few of their closest family and friends. As most weddings do, the day went by in a blur, but Lauren and Bryce wouldn't change a thing as they fondly look back on their memories from that day. One sweet memory, in particular, still stands out for Lauren today—“My son wasn’t supposed to walk with me down the aisle (he was 1 at the time), but as soon as he saw me he just had to come hold my hand and walk with me. It was one of the sweetest things that happened that day!” What a beautiful moment for Lauren to be able to cherish forever! 

Now, over a year has passed since getting married, but Lauren still looks back on her experience at A Storybook Ending with gratefulness. “My experience was one-of-a-kind! Christi made sure I had fun, that I was heard and grounded throughout the day, and that I was getting what I wanted and needed out of the experience. She knew what I wanted even when I didn’t, and that was a huge help for me! I’ll never forget this experience and I’m so thankful for Christi!” 

Thank you, Lauren, for not settling on your bridal gown. What a privilege for us to be allowed the opportunity to serve you and see the joy radiate across your face as you found the perfect gown that made you feel beautiful and confident. You were a stunning bride, and we wish you and your family many years filled with love and laughter. 


The Storybook Team


Photo Credit: Victoria Lynn Imagery