Storybook Endings: Real Fairytale Endings for Our Storybook Brides

Hey, Storybook family and friends! We are so excited to kick-off our new blog where we feature our very own Storybook brides and their “happily ever after” endings! For our first blog, you’re in for a wild ride as we introduce you to our bride, Jamie, and her fun, exotic wedding!

In February of 2020, Jamie went on a last-minute trip to California to meet her boyfriend, AJ, at Disneyland while he was on a work trip. Little did she know, he had been carrying around an engagement ring for over a year just waiting for the perfect moment to propose. When she agreed to meet him in California, he secretly had his mom overnight the engagement ring to his hotel (talk about a sleepless night!). To Jamie’s total surprise, he got down on one knee at Disneyland and even had the whole moment captured perfectly by a park photographer. Jamie instantly said, “Yes!” and they began the journey to their very own “storybook ending.” Unfortunately, right after they arrived home, the COVID pandemic caused all wedding plans to come to a screeching halt. Ultimately, they decided to postpone their wedding until 2023. 


When the time finally came in 2022 to start looking for her dress, Jamie soon found herself frustrated. She traveled to 3 different stores and was unsure if she would ever find “the one.” Dress after dress led to further disappointment as her “Pinterest picks” failed to make her heart skip a beat. Then, she came to Storybook Ending. It was towards the end of her appointment, and Jamie was actually beginning to feel defeat creep in once again because she had not yet found “the one.” With only enough time to try on one more dress, Jamie pointed to a gown on a mannequin. Now, her amazing consultant, Christi, had been listening intently to her the entire appointment and was taking mental notes of what Jamie liked and disliked as she tried on each dress. Confident that she had figured out Jamie’s preferred style, Christi held up a different dress and said, “I really think you should try this one on instead.” Jamie agreed, and that’s when it all came together. “I’m so happy I listened! The minute she pulled my dress up, I burst into tears and called out to my mom and sister, ‘You better cry—this is it!’ I just instantly knew, it was so, so magical!” 

On June 10, 2023, over 3 years after getting engaged (thanks, COVID…), Jamie and AJ were finally married at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. Their ceremony was held in the shark tunnel of the Scott Aquarium—talk about a one-of-a-kind experience! They also got to feed giraffes and play with a porcupine during cocktail hour. Their wedding was perfect, and Jamie looked stunning in her Storybook gown. 

When asked to sum up her experience with Storybook Ending, Jamie described it as, “Absolutely magical! I couldn’t have asked for a better time. I felt like a princess!” Jamie—Thank you for allowing us the privilege of helping your wedding dreams come true! We are so thrilled for you—cheers to your very own “storybook ending!” 


The Storybook Team


Photo Credit: Ana Dee Photography